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Military Medical Records

Nobody Gets You Your Military Medical Records Faster

Most Official Military Personnel Files prior to 1992 contain both personnel and active duty health records. Health records within your 201 File prior to 1992 cover outpatient dental and mental health treatment which a former member received while in the military service. Health record documents within your 201 File may include induction and separation physical examinations, and routine medical care (doctor/dental visits, lab tests, etc.) - all when the patient was NOT admitted to a hospital. If your separation was before 1992 and you require your medical outpatient records, you should order our 201 File service.

For out-patient records 1992 and greater, you should contact the VA. The VA processes all medical records requests the same, so our ability to acquire your post 1992 military medical records is no greater than your own. For post 1992 out-patient records, you should call the VA toll free number at 1-800-827-1000 to identify the current location of specific health records and to find out how to obtain releasable documents or information.

In-patient records, records for when you were hospitalized, are another matter. Clinical (hospital inpatient) records are not filed with the personnel records but are generally retired to the NPRC (MPR) by the hospital or facility which created them.

If you need your clinical (hospital inpatient) record for treatment and/or to file a claim, no one can get you your in-patient military medical records faster than Touchstone.

Touchstone’s Express Service is a personal research service. We act as your authorized agent and request your medical records at the NPRC (MPR), physically, in person.

The time in which the Government will provide our on-premises researchers with your "chart" will vary. However, in well over 95% of cases, we will deliver your medical records to you within 7 business days.

As a part of our personal Express Service, if problems are encountered, we will either e-mail or call you to discuss and resolve any difficulties. This speeds the process over snail-mail correspondence.

How to Order

  1. Click the Add to Cart button below, Checkout and then create your account.
  2. You'll be given several shipping options. Select your shipping method of choice, from overnight FedEx to 2-4 day Priority Mail.
  3. Finally, after you've paid and completed your order, there will be a download link to a form at your Order Page. The form provides us with your personal information, your military history, and most importantly you signature. Your records are protected by the Privacy Act and the law requires that we have your written authorization in order to allow us to access your records. OR, log into your account and download the PDF form from there, from your order page. OR submit electronically (no fax required!) through our eSign Form (here). Follow the form's simple instructions: complete the form, sign it and send it back to us ASAP so that we’ll have the necessary information and your authorization to commence our search for your military medical records. We cannot begin until we have a copy of your signed authorization in-hand. This form MUST be signed by you so that we can act as your agent and on your behalf in regard to our search.

Questions? Or order by phone!

How can our researchers get you your record so fast? We encourage you to read our FAQ (Click HERE) for any questions or concerns.
    The simplest and easiest way to obtain your DD214 is to order it here, online 24/7. But if you still have any questions or concerns ... you can access our on-line chat by clicking the chat button at left. Or call us toll-free: 800-At DD214 (800-283-3214).
Our call center hours are M-F 08:30am to 11:00pm Eastern time, but is closed federal holidays. Our back-office operations are working 24/7 to move your order forward. The earlier you place your order, the sooner we will retrieve your documents.

Guaranteed, Bonded and Insured Service

In all cases, we GUARANTEE the fastest possible delivery. No one can get you your military medical records faster.

    *   Business Days. Same Day, Two and Three Day Express Service processing require our receipt of your signed authorization by 10 a.m. Eastern Time. Hard copy delivery are certified copies. Fax or Email Image Attachment are not certified copies.
         Delivery is FOB shipping point, delivery to shipper. Below are OUR process times, the time within which we will acquire your military medical records and deliver them to the shipper. You should add to this any internal Government facility delays. Later in the order process you'll be able to select the shipping choice that best meets your needs.

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